A Woman Scorned – Another Dazzia Skateboard Deck

A Gorgeous Dazzia Deck - 7 Ply Canadian Hardwood Maple

This deck (like all Dazzia decks) was created using a 12 step process. Note the intricate details. This is what make Dazzia so different from all of the other decks you see out there. The pic does not do this skateboard deck any justice whatsoever. This deck is brilliant in color and has so much much depth that it appears as 3D. This deck is only available for a limited time. Should a surf or skate shop purchase the exclusive rights for the purpose of placing their store brand name for resell, this post will be removed immediately.

http://static.animoto.com/swf/w.swf?w=swf/vp1&e=1289686954&f=w1ka07BEEiSwaPO0lfPS9Q&d=204&m=p&r=w+s&i=m&ct=Click%20Here%20To%20www.Dazzia.com&cu=http://www.Dazzia.com&options=start_hq”>Click Here To Watch Dazzia Video


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